By Jeanne Conway posted 05-12-2014 12:26

It is my understanding that our campuses are still going to have to maintain household income for state compensatory funds as well as Title I funding, ERate funding, etc. We feel this is a burden that our campuses are not staffed to handle. We also do not feel that there is any incentive for a family to submit household income if their children will receive a free meal anyway. We, as a district, are looking into these issues. The community (80% F&R) will push for feeding 100% of our students. However, the potential loss in other funding could cost the district much more in lost revenue that the cost of feeding the other 20% of our student body.

Our food service administrators did an analysis of our campuses. We would lose money in the child nutrition program (CNP) if all 58 campuses were to change to the CEP program. This loss is in addition to the potential losses previously stated. However, we could save a nominal amount of money in the CNP if we pick and chose the program for about 25% of our campuses. Of course the back lash of serving some campuses and not all would be difficult to overcome.

That being said, the idea of feeding all our student a free breakfast and lunch is worth looking into especially if there is a way to eliminate the burdesome paperwork. It just can not be in lieu of other funding resources.

Thank you, Heidi for your post. I too would really appreciate any feedback from other districts.

Nina Conway
Budget Director
Pasadena ISD
Pasadena, Texas