Becoming SFO Certified

By Christopher Wildman posted 03-28-2018 08:34


I identified the ASBO International SFO certification several years ago as a credential I wanted to pursue and earn based on conversations with several established Illinois SFOs. I had also seen an increasing number of CSBO positions asking for this in the hiring process. I like a challenge and felt that alongside my state CSBO and CPA license, the SFO would be a welcome compliment to my designations. 


I am an advocate for strong and robust professional development, both personally and for my staff and teams. I believe that through professional development that we are able to get the most out of our teams, and that it adds significant value to school districts. I also believe and they are more likely to be high performing productive employees in return for that investment.


Once I met all the eligibility requirements and was personally ready to undertake the amount of study necessary, I submitted the application and began studying from the assigned booklist. I found the amount of material daunting at first, but once I identified the online tools (videos and quizzes) I was able to focus upon the test questions and my confidence definitely grew. 


After I passed, I felt that the SFO certification fit very well as my district annually receives both the ASBO Certificate of Excellence for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the ASBO Meritorious Budget Award. So my Board of Education is familiar with the quality of ASBO’s certification programs in assessing knowledge, skills and abilities. 


I think any ASBO member that is in the right time of their career, is seeking a challenge and wants to be recognized by their peers should look seriously at the ASBO SFO certification as the next step in their professional development journey.