Are Superintendents adequately defining their plans for both administration and the school district at large?

By Robert Reinking posted 18 days ago


Are managers adequately defining their plans

One of the great features of using strategic planning software is the ability to see the definitive planning structure within each of your administration staff and school principal’s plans. 

If a manager doesn’t present defined strategies which will be realized through completed goals, actions and tasks, what is it they are really doing? It’s all well and good to say, “We will increase our department’s output by 2% per quarter throughout the financial year!” but without being able to see the framework in place to achieve this or the metrics that are tracking output to measure this, all you have is an intangible series of words. 

As more and more pressure comes to school districts to find more funds or reduce spending the need for defined strategic/operational planning with consolidated reporting is now paramount. If you can't track it, manage it or report on it in real-time and you are still relying on old methods of spreadsheets and Word documents that are out of date the minute you create it, plus copious meetings to validate last months project meeting still, you are dead in the water.

More and more school districts are realizing there are brilliant strategic/operational planning tools out there that ensure your strategic plans are tangible, defined and aligned leading to greater focus and output on core strategies. With implementation teams out there that have enormous experience in school systems, they have the capacity to carry out preliminary analysis, highlighting unaligned plans and question undefined plans. The proven way of achieving skills-based strategic/operational planning proficiency is through one-on-one training and development programs that provide ongoing development of both your managers and your school district Vision/plan while it is in motion.

 A good implementation team will provide more services than just teaching you how to use the software and disappearing into the night, you will be able to see your plans develop from year to year, and what can often times be viewed as a necessary chore will develop in to a sharp tool to help advance your school district.

If nothing else ask the question?