Self-Assess Your Financial Procedures

By Ron Skinner posted 12-19-2013 23:20

Over the last two days I have had the opportunity to participate in a review of the financial operations of a 7,000 student school system in Massachusetts. The process, a service offered by Massachusetts ASBO, involves interviews with all of the district business and finance staff, plus the special education director, athletic director, school principals, maintenance and transportation directors—pretty much anybody responsible for receiving money, managing funds, or affecting the budget. It’s a great process that will result in recommendations from the review team for the district to consider. (Read a full description of it here.)

Prior to the start of the review, the district is provided with a self-assessment document that they should use to think about some of their current practices, and Massachusetts ASBO gave me a copy to share with all ASBO International members. You can download the self-assessment document in an editable format—could be interesting discussion starter with you finance team and a great way to help identify possible areas of improvement. (And as your looking at it--in MA, school boards are called the school committee.)

Thank you John Crafton and MASBO for allowing me to participate!