This year's Leadership Forum will focus on the concept that leaders are made. The meeting has been extended to 2½ days of programming and will incorporate small- and large-group training and a leadership personality assessment.  

Small-group training will be conducted in cohorts and customized to the specific group's goals (days 1 and 3). Cohorts for small-group training are described below; attendees will self-select their cohort based on their individual needs. Large-group training will bring all conference attendees together to focus on the personalized leadership personality assessment and general leadership skills (day 2). 

New This Year! As mentioned above, a leadership personality assessment will be included in your registration and will be a significant focus of the Forum. Leadership personality assessments identify a person's natural characteristics, motivations, and tendencies. They fuel your leadership development and help to uncover deep insights about your personality. They allow you to better understand how to leverage your natural strengths and recognize when those instincts might be holding you back. All attendees MUST complete the online leadership personality assessment prior to the deadline to participate in the Leadership Forum. 


Which cohort is right for me?

Attendees can earn SFO contact hours and CPE and CAE credits.